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Proactol Affiliate Program

Proactol - Weight loss Products

Proactol is one of the most successful weight management products featured on MoreNiche to date and helps thousands of our affiliates earn great commissions every single day.

Background information

Sedate lifestyles, more disposable incomes and dramatic changes in diet and increased food amounts, particularly in Western countries, is directly contributing to the rise in global obesity. Indeed, compared with 20 years ago, US hamburger servings contain roughly 1.77 times more calories and the average sized bagel has increased from a 3 inch diameter to a 6 inch diameter!

Proactol - Weight loss Products

The World Health Organisation has predicted that there will be 2.3 billion overweight adults in the world by 2015, with more than 700 million of them being obese. With even governments advising people to lose weight, more and more people are realising that they must do something about their health. It truly is a global market for the weight loss industry.

Proactol is one of the most successful weight management products in the MoreNiche network to date. Supported by data from six clinical studies, media interest and video testimonials, Proactol sells incredibly well and enables thousands of our affiliates to earn commissions week in and week out.

Featured in top UK newspaper The Daily Telegraph in their article “The Top 5 Ways to Lose Weight in 2008”, which printed a genuine customer testimonial showing how effective it was for them, this very article as well as the numerous other media endorsement examples is available for you to use on your site, giving you the perfect opportunity to enjoy earning the considerable commissions that so many thousands of our other affiliates have done with this product.

With 30-40% commission on offer, a UK, US, French and German supported site, a dedicated affiliate manager and huge earning potential, both seasoned professionals and new affiliates can earn a generous income marketing Proactol.

Program Overview

Program: Pay per sale

Cookie duration: Lifetime

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Discount codes: Present

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Earning Potential

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We pride ourselves on ensuring our affiliates are provided with an expansive array of resources to enable you to promote effectively and successfully.

Whether you are a new or experienced affiliate, you need strong resources to sell effectively. Choose to promote Proactol and you’ll have access to probably the largest resources pack put together by any of our merchants. Delve into a stunning array of banners, images, CTA graphics, before and after pictures, French and German articles, PR content and celebrity endorsements.

Resources guidesBanners ResourcesHTML ResourcesArticle ResourcesDemographic ResourcesQuestions and Answers ResourcesProduct photo resources

Proactol also offer no less than six website themes and templates (HTML and Joomla), content to help with email marketing, spinnable content, animated discount code banners, a whopping 62 PR clippings and even a BMI calculator for your site visitors.

With such an abundance of top quality resources, getting started with your Proactol campaign couldn’t be simpler, and with support available directly from OrderVia’s own Affiliate programme manager you’ll have all the help and resources you could ever need.

Start earning some competitive commissions with one of the top selling products in the network by joining MoreNiche today.