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Affiliate Copyright Complaint

When marketing online it is very easy for people to steal your content, simply republishing with often just a few words changed. It can be extremely frustrating and damaging to the original content creator, even resulting in loss of rankings, for this reason MoreNiche have zero tolerance policy when it comes to copying content.

MoreNiche promise to investigate and resolve every complain taking serious action and closing accounts where required, if you have had your content copied please fill out the form below.

What is copyright theft/ infringement?

If you do any of the following you may put your MoreNiche account in jeopardy:

  • Copy complete blocks or pages of copy from another affiliate
  • Use existing affiliate content as a base for your work but do not re-write sufficiently enough to pass a CopyScape test
  • Copy images, cta graphics or design elements which are not your own

Although it is not MoreNiche's responsibility to enforce copyright infringement we will do so if both originating and the copied sites are ran by MoreNiche affiliates.

Copyright theft tools:

Before submitting your complaint to MoreNiche please ensure that the copy does fail a Copyscape test: free tool for searching for duplicate content online.

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